A Hong Kong Apothecary Made from Reclaimed Ship’s Wood by Cheungvogl | via

Using reclaimed ship wood, Chinese/German architecture firm Cheungvogl created a one-of-a-kind installation for the Aesop shop on Canton Road in Hong Kong. The design celebrates the natural processes of weathering and aging—and is a salute to the legendary slow boat to China.

The planks of wood were left in their original state and used to form two floating cabinet installations for display and storage of Aesop’s skin and hair care products. Founded in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop has stores around the world, no two alike: “It is always our intention to add to the neighborhoods in which we operate, and to respect their history and culture. Architecturally, our first principle is to work with what already exists and to weave ourselves into the fabric of the street.”

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